The Lifter Hamper was created by an NFL player who suffered a season-ending back injury and bending over to grab laundry from the bottom of his hamper was impossible. The Lifter Hamper removes the need to bend over by using elastic bands to bring the laundry to the user.  

The ask

Innovate on a product that failed to be funded on Shark Tank.

I had to come up with my own system just to get my shoes on in the morning.
— Maddy, chronic back pain sufferer

what we learned

Over 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain during their lives and 25 million of us suffer from chronic back pain. 

laundry is just one of many common tasks that can be difficult to perform with back pain.

an opportunity

Most therapeutic products favor function over form and they are confined to the sterility of doctor's offices and medical supply stores. 

Lifter can bridge that gap and put therapeutic products into mainstream retailers. 


elevate therapeutics by creating an ecosystem of well-designed, everyday pain relief products. 

our idea | The lifter brand



The Lifter Trunk

A trunk organizer that brings the items to you.

How It Works: Similar to a fishing tackle box, three tiers of hinged trays are able to be pulled towards the user, eliminating the need for leaning into the trunk to grab items.

The Lifter Dresser

The natural progression from a hamper is a dresser.

How It Works: Spring-loaded drawers raise clothing to waist-level upon opening. The drawers lower when pushed back in.

The Lifter Dishwasher

Aftermarket dishwasher racks, available in the 3 standard sizes.

How It Works: An attached handle pulls out both dishwasher racks. The user will unload the top rack, detach the handle and slide the top rack in. The bottom rack will then raise on a spring-loaded scissor lift.

Brand Manifesto

Why do we consider our bodies disabled when it could just be the tools around us?

Why fear common chores because of pain when we could just take the pain away?

Lifter believes no task should make you uncomfortable because the world around you can move.

It can contort, change… bend.

Lifter wants your home to feel like an ecosystem that shifts to the needs of your life.

Forget the same old things, done the same old way.

Just because that’s how it always has been done, doesn’t mean it’s how it has to be.

If there’s a better way to do it, that’s what we’re here to do.


Elevate Your Day



Troy GaryCreative Brand Manager

Mason BrownExperience Designer

Jeff TuneCopywriter

Majic PhimphitchaArt Director

Ken TsuchiyaArt Director