Poler Outdoor Stuff is a fresh face in the crowded outerwear category. Patagonia and The North Face are for people who are rugged and into extreme adventure. But what about the people who enjoy the outdoors and work a 9-5? And just want something that they can wear to the bar?

how we got smart

Competitive Analysis | Interviews | Social Listening

the Challenge

Poler stands out with their quirky style but with only two brick-and-mortar stores, a small online presence and almost zero advertising, the brand's story and point-of-view hasn't been made known to the masses.

We need to make their voice heard so more people to come to us.

What we learned

The outerwear that we buy rarely gets used in extreme conditions because most of us actually prefer relaxing outdoor activities.  

For a lot of us, the best part of a camping trip is hanging around the campfire. Not the hike.


It's not about getting there, but about being there.

Creative concept

The chillest outerwear around.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.17.14 AM.png

Initial Rollout

The Book of Chill

The Book of Chill will be given to customers who visit our flagship stores and will also be included with online orders and in-store purchases.

  • It is The Chilluminati's most sacred text, expressing our core beliefs and values.

  • It will contain a URL that leads to The Chilluminati microsite.

Tear-Out Vinyl Records

To expand reach beyond people that are already coming to us, tear-out vinyl records will be placed in select magazines.

  • Records will be ambient nature sounds and reveal The Chilluminati microsite's URL when played until the end.

The Chilluminati Microsite

Those who find us will be instructed to enter their Instagram handle. We will direct message them and offer membership into The Chilluminati.

Initiation Package   People who accept our offer will receive:  + The Book of Chill  + Limited Edition Chilluminati beanie  + Numbered membership tag

Initiation Package

People who accept our offer will receive:

+ The Book of Chill

+ Limited Edition Chilluminati beanie

+ Numbered membership tag


Urban Camping

Pop-up campsites will appear in NYC and other select cities - focusing on places where outdoor activities aren't easily accessible.

  • Reinforces our belief that you don't have to be an extreme adventurer to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Provides an opportunity for people to interact with Poler products.

  • Opportunity to earn media.

Social Media

Our campaign personality, Mel O'Dought, will host a series of hypnosis videos to declare our brand values.

Campaign Personality


A post shared by Mel O'Dought (@polerchilluminati) on


A post shared by Mel O'Dought (@polerchilluminati) on


Campaign Tagline


Why this works

  • Takes advantage of white space in the outerwear market by declaring a message that no other brand has

  • Gives Poler a clear and decisive point of view through experiences and traditional means



Alex McClelland - Art Director

Rich Whelchel - Copywriter