Hello Products is an oral care company that was founded by Craig Dubitsky, an initial investor and board member of Method soap. Craig came to the Brandcenter and asked us to pitch a new product line and digital campaign, that fell in line with Hello's "Naturally Friendly" spirit.


The Opportunity

Flushable wipes haven't been adopted in a world where toilet paper is the norm.

our idea

Logo incorporates the same 'e' that is present in the current Hello logo.


  • Flushable wipes are the fastest growing segment of the household paper products category, with $358 million of sales in 2015.
  • It's a daily-use hygiene product, just like the oral care business.
  • It's a category that can be made more natural. The leading brand contains chemicals like Butoxy Peg-4 PG-Amodimethicone.

Standard Pack

Fragrance Free

Standard Pack

Soothing Cucumber


People want more on-the-go options that can be taken in a purse or wallet.

Innovation | Refillable Dispenser

Available dispensers have no designated place to live in the bathroom.

  • People complained about:

    • How unsightly it is to keep a dispenser on the floor next to the toilet.

    • The difficulty of turning 180 degrees to grab a dispenser that's sitting on the toilet tank.

  • Adding extendable, hooked arms solves these problems.

creating the Campaign

what we learned

Flushable wipe users are diehard fans but non-users think that flushable wipes are a waste of money and just plain weird.


The turning point was realizing that people weren't just debating the merits of flushable wipes but they were actually judging each other's entire bathroom hygiene routine and level of cleanliness.

Through social listening, we discovered that one of the biggest bathroom disputes is whether people wipe while standing or sitting. When we asked about this issue during interviews, jaws dropped. Most people didn't know that another style existed and they immediately began to ridicule the other group. 

we've been alone in the bathroom for our entire lives AND ARE IGNORANT OF OTHER WAYS OF WIPING.


Unite people who wipe differently!

Creative Concept

The freedom to wipe the way you like. Naturally!

Press play and watch the debate! (2 min)

The Great Wipe Debate let's Sitters and Standers talk it out.

Consistent with our friendly and non-judgemental nature, Tushé Flushables lets both sides know: 

  • It's always okay to do what's natural to you

  • Everyone can benefit from a more natural clean. 




Debate Videos

  • Posted on Hello's owned social channels and also as promoted content.

  • A call-to-action will invite viewers to visit Hello's homepage and voice their opinion.

Vote, Compare & Share

What's a good debate without being able to speak your mind? On Hello's homepage, participants can do just that and spread the word.

  • Visitors will be able to pick a side and cast their vote.

  • Compare their style with the rest of the country

  • Share their style and The Great Wipe Debate with others.

Free Stuff

Like the "I Voted!" sticker, we believe people should be rewarded for participating. If they share the debate we will offer them some cool gear.  

  • Wipe Preference ID Card
    • Shareable social object to extend reach.
  • Team-branded sample pack of Tushé Flushables (Stander or Sitter)
    • Flushable wipes aren't used by the majority of the country. It's important to let people try the product and convert.

campaign recap



Gerardo "Jerry" Valencia - Creative Brand Manager

Lizzy Hopkinson - Copywriter

Mike Cardamone - Copywriter

Natasha Sligh - Experience Designer

Hector Rivas - Art Director

Jessie Kemmerling - Art Director